The document below outlines the expectations of our Admins. All admins volunteer of their own accord to help better the gaming experience at Continuumfall. Admin responsibilities can at times be stressful, but the position is always very rewarding. The role of admin is a temporary position available to all members who have successfully applied. While admins are the front line representatives and enforcers, they are not policy makers.

Section 1 – Proven Dedication to the Community
Every one of our members is welcome to apply to become a server admin. But what we are looking for when potentially choosing you is a proven track record of dedication. You need to be active in game, on the forums, and on discord . It is very hard to be an admin and lead if you’re not active within the group. Being an admin is not a permanent position since there are many members who want the chance to become an admin and those who are active have priority.

Section 2 – A Reasonable Level of Intelligence
When one is an admin they are essentially on their own most of the time. You are going to be called on to make decisions in game that can drastically affect the portrayal of [cc] as a whole. Head Admin won’t always be on to offer up advice on how to deal with a situation. Remember, not making a decision can be just as bad as making a wrong one.

Section 3 – Don’t Be a Pushover
As an admin you have the right to tell people what to do. Now this doesn’t mean we turn into bullies and boss people around. Your power should be used with discretion. If you feel you need to order someone to do something, then do it. You can’t be an admin and try to please everyone all the time. Sometimes you will have to make decisions that aren’t going to please everyone.

Section 4 – Be Professional
Be professional when wearing [cc] tags, in game this becomes essential. You can’t go around abusing admin for little things just because someone annoyed you. If a person is actually going against our rules then do what you got to do, but be professional about it.

Section 5 – Communication
Admins need to be in the correct discord channels while playing in order to be more aware of what’s going on in the gaming server. If there is an issue, admins playing in that particular server should be consulted before making a decision.

Section 6 – Ban Management
Bans are synced across all our game servers. Depending on the reason for the ban they can either be set to temporary meaning they will expire after a given time period or permanent. This is why all bans require the admin to apply the appropriate ban reasons and duration to the ban. This helps us keep track of all active bans and identify repeat offenders. Please refer to our server guidelines for the entire ban process.

Section 7 – Ban Appeals
A Ban Appeal is a forum post in the Ban Appeals section an offending player submits to appeal there ban. The banning Admin may be notified of the appeal by a Head Admin, however admins need to “follow” the ban appeals section. Only the banning admin and selected individuals are to respond to the ban appeals. We strongly believe by giving people a second chance if they admit guilt and take responsibility for their actions.

Section 8 – Admin Abuse
What is admin abuse? Admin Abuse is any admin abusing his or her position without justified reason or cause or to get an edge over other players. Some examples of Admin Abuse include but are not limited to: banning or kicking a player for being “too good.” Banning or kicking a player for talking crap to others or the admin themselves. Being asked by another player to ban or kick someone before investigating the cause for the request is also Admin Abuse. This list is not all inclusive and admins are expected to keep a level head when considering a kick or ban of a player. If in doubt consult another admin.

Section 9 – Discipline
When an admin falls out of line and is found to be abusing their powers or is not fostering a healthy community environment action may need to be taken to remove them. First offence warning will be given advising the admin which actions need to be corrected immediately. On the second offence a final warning will be given advising the admin which actions need to be corrected immediately. Third offence will result in admin removal.

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