I was looking for tips and thought this would be good to share as it has lots of tips to help improve overall gameplay. Infused pro Hadoukenzzz, streamer Zonda and Battlefield Bootcamp expert Addison have got some Battlefield Hardline tips that will help you to work as a team, play the objective, and kill everyone in sight! Follow these and you could be a winner:

13 top Battlefield Hardline tips from pro gamers
A pro gamer, YouTuber and streamer deliver their Battlefield tips that will give you the edge.

Choose your class carefully: The map or mode you are playing can quite often dictate the class you will want to use. For example, when you are playing Hotwire you will more than likely want to play as the mechanic class as they are the best equipped to take out enemy vehicles, but when playing Team Deathmatch you’ll want a more powerful main weapon so may want to play as the operator class. Know what map and mode you are playing and choose your class accordingly.

Use your radar: The radar is not just there for show… Who knew? Enemy players are spotted constantly by teammates. Keep checking your radar for enemies popping up and you may just save yourself from being knifed in the back.

Spot, spot, spot and then spot again: Remember how I said to use your radar? Well this is why you should. By constantly spotting the enemy you kill two birds with one stone. You will firstly help out your teammates by giving them information on enemy location, but also you will gain points if they manage to kill them.

Battlepickups are your friend: Littered around the maps are special guns that you can pick up, and they can really help both you and your team. Sometimes you can find RPGs to take out those pesky choppers or maybe a machine gun to mow down some enemy vehicles. If you are not using them, then there is a chance your enemy is, so get to them first.

Teamplay is Essential: Many, if not all of the game modes in Battlefield Hardline rely heavily on teamwork. Heist, for example, calls for a well-oiled team working together to complete the objectives. With that in mind, always try and keep an eye on what your team is doing and help out wherever you can. Team Deathmatch aside, kills alone will not win you the game.

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Be Creative: Think about other uses for your weapons and gadgets. For example, laser trip mines can be used in the middle of roads to take out vehicles.

Gadgets: Drop your gadgets like med packs and ammo packs for your teammates to use and you’ll get a Teamplay boost, and maximize points. Beware though, if you’re not paying attention, players can come and grab med/ammo packs from you to replenish but you WON’T get the points for it.

Practise using vehicles: Try and try again, or practice makes perfect sounds like a super cliché, but when it comes to certain vehicles – helicopters and maybe air boats for some players – this is exactly the attitude you need. Remember, you can always swap view to the third-person/exterior view by pressing the right stick in.

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Find the gun that suits you: Stick with assault rifle at first, but it’s important to find a gun that suits you best. Personally, I’d suggest starting with the ACW-R, but you also can’t find fault with AKM or the RO933. Find a weapon with low recoil to start with, but remember to burst fire; continuously holding down the trigger will only result in wasting a whole clip and hitting nothing.

Find the class that suits you: Maybe sticking with an assault rifle isn’t quite your thing. In which case it’s time to find which class suits your style of play the most. You have the choice of Operator, Mechanic, Enforcer & Professional. I personally stick with either Operator, which allows me to use an assault rifle; or professional, which gives me the option to use a sniper rifle. Enforcer gives big support weapons with big box mags, but hefty recoil, while Mechanic allows you to use light sub-machine guns.

Learn the maps: Whether playing a fast paced roll or sitting back as a sniper, it’s always important to know your surroundings. Practice makes perfect: learning the maps and knowing the spawns will help you keep out of sticky situations and stay one step ahead of your enemies. Never stay in the same place at the same time. If you kill someone, always keep moving as it is probable that person is always going to check your last known location for an easy kill.

Make use of vehicles: Some vehicles can be used simply for getting around the map quickly, but others offer the use of extremely powerful weapons, which can really turn a game around. The maps all have varied terrain and different-sized buildings, so use choppers to gain the height advantage on those sneaky snipers up on the rooftops.

Top Teamwork: Battlefield Hardline is one of those games where teamwork will give you a huge advantage. Get a good group of mates, or even professionals and team up, spot players, hold positions to cover all angles of a certain point of interest, and use each other well. A group of well coordinated players is always better than a team of people who all want to do their own thing. RedBull.com

Hadoukenzzz newest youtube video showing some gameplay on our server that he played on today I think I was playing for a bit because I remember some of the in game chat.

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