Just wondering if anyone would like to have a new SE2 and SE3 server setup to play about with different map rotations, settings and game modes? thoughts?

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    • I say yes. What are your thoughts? I’d prefer the SE2 have our ‘patented’ NO RUN rule. And for SE3… how about bullet drop? Wind? Is this what we are talking about? A few settings I loathe are scope glint and the one that zooms in on the snipers location after a kill. I vote NO on those settings.

    • Well… thoughts are SEv2 maybe start off just casual before no run because for no run to work you need admins. We don’t have any active SEv2 Admins currently so unless we had those I don’t see it working for no run yet. We can definitely try Wind and Drop. But in that sense it would be geared towards new players who prefer that style because evidently not many current members like it haha. But after a few rounds of wind / drop I can actually hit my target quite easily so its not actually that hard its just a bit of a steep learning curve.


    • SEv2 should be a [cc] server with our rules about no running and the SE3 server look at adding things like secondary weapons etc to funk it up a bit, however think carefully about wind/drop/headshot only as I’ve been on servers where 2 people will just twitch left and right like CS:GO firing shots in the hope of a kill but definitely up for it

    • Good idea, present format is a bit stale now. Maybe change the way we play on SE3 but do a poll of admins to find out if we will have enough to police SE2 as a no run server. Personally i would prefer SE2 as NO RUN and happy to admin it.

    • I agree with Keyser and Petee, Would like to have SE2 as a NO RUN. I’d be happy to admin when I can. I prefer “DROPPING WIND” than wind and drop.(especially after Mexican) perhaps on SE3. No headshot!

    • I will certainly take a turn on Sniper Elite V2 as admin.

    • I can help admin any server we have. I like the wind and drop aspect but would be very hard under the run and gun style I think. but I am down with what ever!

    • I would love an active Sniper Elite V2 server – I only bought Sniper Elite 3 because nobody here plays Sniper Elite V2 anymore – having said that no point having a new server if nobody will use it.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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