Due to the wide range of abilities, know-how and ages of our community and as we have plenty of servers. Would it not be a good idea to have 1 server for all the top players ie Warren, Suzy Keyserrrrrrrrrr, etc and a server for all us lesser mortals who only get an average of 5 or 6 kills or less a game. This will also make better use of our servers as we will not have everyone trying to get on 1 server and waiting for an hour as i did last night. Thoughts?

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    • Yo @petee! I hear what you’re saying and if that’s what others want I will go with it. But honestly… this is a small community of people with an incredibly diverse sampling from around the world and that to me is a large part of the interest for me. There have been times while on TeamSpeak that I’ve just found a hiding spot simply to stay unnoticed while I chatted away with other [cc] members (and sipped bourbon). Sectioning off servers for different skill levels sounds good but then I lose contact with those not on the server that I’ve been assigned. So… obviously I’d prefer to all play together but I understand your sentiment. Also… if every time we see @warren joining a game we all disconnect he may lose interest and go back to playing Battlefield while driving that couch around.

    • Did @petee just write top players and @keysersoze in one sentence?!

      There are not enough people playing SE4 mp to turn that idea into reality. And even then, what are you going to do if someone else who is too good joins a server? Kick him for having a too high level? That would leave a bad taste and cause that people will start avoiding cc-servers.

      I do understand your point, since I already made you angry enough to rant about me on server in the past and if I am disturbing one of you guys, I am fine with playing somewhere else – having said that it is actually me (including that night you are talking about) and @warren who are starting and/or filling the server. Especially that night it took me a lot of mass invitations and a while to get people to play (it was only @lordcommander, a newbie and me at one point). Honestly, you could have just started one by yourself to see it`s not working the way you think.

    • @Petee… Warren and Suzy both use that glitched silenced cheater suit. Once Rebellion patches that the playing field will be levelled a bit… hehe. Also.. let’s get a TDM going soon…

    • @keysersoze even @petee uses the British Commando character (I know since I shot him!). But you can thank me (while others might curse me) after I asked if it was fixed for 1.3 – at which they said no but then two devs spent the next 20 minutes in-game confirming and fixing the problem ready for patch 1.4. I actually think my K/D will go up as I won’t move around as much hehe.

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