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    • First of all i am not sure what is so called best player because there are many guys who only play for long shot, some like to have 0 death who wont care about kill much, some like lots of movement and lots of death/ kill these type of players are on top of warren’s list including me hehe but i don’t think it is fair to say we are the top best players and others are not, there are many best players according to how they play, for me ktray is my best player because he hides so well on all the unexpected areas, its a big headache to find him, sometime my mission will only be to find him.

      So there are many best players in different tenet. Only my thoughts

    • I personally like the Kill/Death Ratio better also the number of match Wins. I agree… that Ktray is a sneaky cuss. He is an expert at hiding in plain sight.

    • As I can’t count any higher, this is my top six.

      • Warren
      • Lethal Dose
      • KeyserSoze
      • 99ways2die
      • Avenger PL
      • Petee

      I have included myself on this list just for the sheer effort it has taken me to allow you guys to keep shooting me. Although I am getting a bit pissed off with Keyser abusing the privilege.

    • Who is this at the top of the list? I should be on top! 99 and Keyser are not supposed to be on the list? let alone Petee?! I should be number 1!
      🤣 only joking!! even my buddy Blackbaron shoots the crap out of me. By the way who is this Warren Guy??? 🤣

    • He’s your worst nightmare!!!!!!! 💀

Viewing 4 reply threads
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