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I am writing this post because I enjoy playing at continuumfall. This applies to all servers not just continuumfall but I have been getting frustrated with spawn campers, something I have been a bit uncomfortable talking about. Many members play clean and know not to but recently I have found people frequently spawn camping. Some say it is part of the game but myself and many other members disagree.

When I play with Max, Tick, Ash, etc… we all try to move and relocate whilst putting traps down and I think this is what is fun though camping is ok try to relocate once in awhile. You may have a good vantage point of the map but I’ve never seen anyone camping 15 minutes on a site killing people. I think spawn camping needs to be further discouraged, while relocating and finding new positions should be encouraged. I imagine that some of you think like me and I would appreciate your opinion.

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    • Well said Moncete, In the early days on COD2 a piano would crash down on you if you stayed in one spot to long with wood and keys flying everywhere … A game needs to flow for everyone… game designers try to achieve that, but players can enhance it more with some empathy for others… Moving will get you killed more often than staying in one place but if you know that players are going to do that and you do the same more kills will happen for all.

    • Spawn camping will always be a problem, different players interpret the rule differently. Which is always cause for debate only way to police it is to warn said player and then kick or ban. This goes for community members as well. Most of our admins do a good job of warning players about it. I will go on record as saying that spawn killing is NOT PART OF THE GAME PERIOD. If a guy is sitting on a spawn site with a 5+ kill streak going and has been warned then boot his ass. as far as moving around goes I am one of the most mobile players I think I am always moving around looking for spots and my death total shows it.

    • I think Spawn killing is bad, but eventually we all have done it unknowingly, It is not possible to tag each shot to see whom we are shooting at. If I am sure I saw spawning, I wait for 10 sec, and if target is still on my sight I cannot resist. I don’t feel good to leave a player in my sight more then 10 sec, my sight means his sight too so I cannot be a victim in a name of spawn killing… And 10 sec is enough for him to hide. I don’t know if I am doing good or bad the problem is from the root of the game.

    • Spawnkilling is an everlasting and never-ending topic in every FPS game and nothing we decide as a community or in person will change that. As I know the frustration of getting spawnkilled I don’t kill just spawned players. I handle it like 99ways2die: wait for 10-20 seconds to give the player a chance to hide. nevertheless i’ll never blame others for spawnkilling me. To me it is part of such games. In the past when I noticed players repetitive spawnkilling others I warned them that they get kicked.

      Talking about camping: I never would punish camping in a sniping game. To be honest, to me camping in one spot is often part of sniping games like sniper elite and I’m pretty sure everyone of us had this game where you find the perfect spot and get a lot of kills there. The challenge is to stay undetected for such a long time and accordingly defend your position against those sneaky bastards.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen any one spawn in front of me and if I get spawn killed there probably doing me a favour getting out of a crap spot even if it take half a dozen times, and as for no camping, are you serious.

    • Is what being sniper and the type of game is this and really like it. What can not be done from my point of view is to be 25 minutes killing from the same point every time. In the Sniper Elite V2 tapeworms way to eliminate that made this type of maps. In 3 it is impossible in most maps. Also this game has grenades and traps to play not only caves.

    • I also tend to favor staying in one spot until I’m killed or forced to move. That being said, if I see someone spawn I always try and give them the time to relocate, sometimes even warning them to duck.. lol . I agree that we warn someone if they are spawn camping, but it’s pretty difficult to tell the difference between spawn camping and just having a good hide to shoot from. Can’t really prove spawn camping unless your the one getting camped.. tough call.

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