The time between the release of SEv2 and SE3 was 818 days, Sniper Elite 3 has been out for 465 days now, so roughly another year to go perhaps? (353 days). So if we get another Sniper Elite, what are the kind of maps, locations and features you would like to (realistically) see?

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    • Better scopes and weapons, maybe a more modern approach to the Sniper Elite series. I also would like to see larger more open maps for awesome long distance shots.

    • Yeah so I heard that they have been considering increasing the player count to 16 or maybe even higher, so if that’s the case I would have to assume slightly larger maps would have to be considered too! I think its very unlikely that they would turn sniper elite 3 into a modern game (would be too much risk financially for them, though arguably more rewarding). But I think they would have to start something like that as a spin off of the main game with a whole new set of characters and backstory.

    • No bullet-proof bushes or palm trees.

    • If a bush is ‘bullet-proof’ its because someone in the quality assurance team that tests the maps did not spot it or it slipped past the map makers. For example each bush or tree in the game needs to be selected manually and set to allow objects to go through them or not.. there’s a lot of those bushes and trees around.. so I guess they missed a few! End result = quality assurance team don gon’ fudged up and failed at the one thing they’re supposed to do and trees be bullet proof!

    • I would like them to keep everything the same as it works well in multiplayer but change focus to Pacific campaign-jungles, Russian front-snow or modern conflicts – take your pick but what I would love is for any company to make a WW2 game and cast a German as the main character. Also an editor so the community can knock up scenarios.

    • An map editor would be the best thing they could possibly do, integrating it with steam workshop would be even better. But it is my understanding that a map editor was considered but won’t happen as it would be too expensive to incorporate, requiring a lot of time to re-write the game engine and other all other stuff to get it to work for the public (the map editor itself would be quite easy since they can just modify their in house editor for consumers).

    • Also just remake Sniper Elite V2 maps in Sniper Elite 3 engine for single player and multiplayer challenge.

    • Huge modern maps, cities, mountains.. and lots more climbing. (trees and buildings).

Viewing 8 reply threads
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