Here is my Sniper Elite 4 wishlist. Any one else with other silly suggestions?

  • Critters you can shoot ,like pigeons,rats rabbits etc (sometimes see no-one for minutes, i get bored easily)
  • Clock tower with Bells, (it could be fun and distracting to shoot bells to try and play a tune)
  • Trucks that explode in multiplayer
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    • You know, in Battlefield 1 there is a game mode called ‘War Pigeons’ where each team must capture the pigeon, hold it on to it long enough to write a message then release it into the sky giving your side the coordinates to bomb the enemy, thats if the other team doesn’t shoot the pigeon before it reaches its destination 🙂

      Hmmm, since in SE4 we can now traverse walls, would it be too much to ask for some zip-lines between a few high areas? might make good target practice too hehe. I think I’ll be happy with the change in scenery more than anything 🙂

        A few changes I’d like to see though:

      • Improve or remove the auto-cover system
      • Improve spawn system with server option to set a spawn protection time.
      • Improve character animations that are clunky and slow – not reflective of your reaction speed.
      • Increase highest rank to 100, just ’cause, you know, why not.
      • Decrease player item count.
      • Disable mines for 10-20 seconds after spawn.
      • Better admin functionality, because I said so.
    • Good ones. Heres some of mine:

      • No more bullet-proof palm leaves/bushes.
      • When aiming through a window or over a low wall….it should be assumed that a professional sniper is not holding the barrel of his rifle below the window frame or wall. Duh
      • The ’45 degree’ shooting glitch. When aiming at about a 45 degree angle over some ledges the rifle will not shoot. Infuriating hehe.
      • Need to be able to stop/reverse climb when on a ladder and near the top.
      • Some mines when placed on a staircase will not kill if player is below the mine but in range to detonate it.
      • Nades. Return to SEV2 nades. These nades are like firecrackers.
      • Vehicles.
      • Big Maps
      • Fix Tag Assist glitch in DM
      • Rock Glitches
    • Hope they take out the stupid breathing in scope mode.

    • HAHA Petee! You really do hate that… hehe

    • Makes ya sound like a perv when on teamspeak!

    • Also…some sort of scaling camo/blending ability. Maybe the more you move around the map successfully the more you blend in with the environment. Maybe some sort of transparency scale. Could also be tied to the player’s level. Or perhaps completing tasks within the match sneaking up behind and within 5 meters of another player.

    • The ability to loot dead bodies to scoop up more mines and ammo, a map editor, better admin to make things more efficient.

    • Extra setting for user adjustable chat font size (Small/Medium/Large) depending on resolution vs monitor, it can be a bit hard to easily read. Since there are a few versions of the game for different languages an in-game auto chat translate, e.g.

      player 1 | “Hello, nice shot” = “Bonjour, joli cliché” (FR)
      player 2 | “Merci” = “thanks” (US)

      When an admin is logged on the ability to copy and paste text in chat & Rcon.

      Makes ya sound like a perv when on teamspeak. – [cc] Petee

      True! it really is a distraction while on teamspeak.

    • Only able to move, in crouch only position…. no more runners ..Ricochet killing ….Attack dogs you can use, but only able to attack in crouch :)… Venomous bush snakes… large spider webs with bells on… small drones, they could be using them already in real life sniper warfare.. (AI ones)..

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