I really enjoyed playing this except for the hacker when myself and Seveno were on. Could this perhaps be made pass-worded if we do it again as I tried numerous times to get on but server was full and not always cc members. His name was something like 3 x crucifix crosses, perhaps daggers. I tried to kick using player index but he moved his index number from 8 to 2, if your still in same game (arms race) should your index not always remain constant?

Again good fun though and we should do it again

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    • The index number is not constant so before trying to remove someone using the index number remember to re-type server.listplayers to refresh the index otherwise you will ban the wrong person if someone has left the game during that time. Not sure if setting a password is necessary as the event started a while before you went on and had almost all [cc] members during the first few rounds with a couple of regulars joining, just not sure theres enough interest to password it and have a decent game yet.

      What was the player in question doing exactly?

    • I was only on there for like 2 rounds at the start but we need to do this again! Give plenty of notice and I’ll work my way into it since everyone is offline in my timezone peak period

      Boo cheaters ruining the fun for you JJ!

    • I use the kick index when the name is written in symbols or foreign keyboard only and I eventually bagged him. The person in question joined… started hammering his mic in Russian constantly… people were getting thrown around like a whirlwind… Seveno said he had an aim bot and was killing from 0m…
      game was perfectly civilised until he turned up then it went to rat shit… we went from a full server to 3 in a few minutes… need I go on.

    • Yep. In order for server.kickindex to be effective you must obtain the current index number and then kick the player using that number before any other player leaves or joins the server. Otherwise the index numbers change.

      JJ… have you considered using any of the game recording software that has been discussed here? I’m using Shadowplay and other than a few hiccups here and there I can now capture video of any shenanigans.

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