Just a thought. If I see another player spawn or know that he just spawned I will let him creep away (10-20 seconds). However if I see a player spawn and then perform any action other than moving away from that spawn point I consider him fair game. For example: I notice a player spawn. Instead of moving he goes prone and begins scanning with binocs or his rifle scope. In my mind he’s in attack-mode giving up the relative and temporary safety of having just spawned and I’m taking the shot. Let me know if you disagree with this. Thanks

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    • Sounds reasonable to me, though you could still give them that time to move and if they still haven’t moved from ‘prone / attack-mode’ then even more fair game but otherwise there is only so much tip toeing around a spawn kill you can do.

    • I also usually give a player the benefit of the doubt. Some of you have been warned to duck when I’m zeroed in and you haven’t moved. With this type of game, it’s very hard to not spawn kill especially when you can’t run.

    • Look the other way for 30 secs look back if still there and not behind cover fire a warning round close by…

    • I tend to agree with what’s been said so far. My general rule is if I see you spawn and I’m not in danger I’ll give you 10-15 secs to get clear. If you just sit there and scope things out you are toast. I don’t mind being the odd victim of SK so much (it’s unavoidable) but blatant camping? Nothing worse than being tagged repeatedly by an experienced player after taking 2 steps from a known spawn location — tents seem to be my problem areas :-). I had one guy tag me 4 times one game as I came out from behind the tents. Anyway, just my 2 bits.

    • I agree with @keysersoze but this topic is highly debatable. I normally give a few seconds grace to ensure the subject is on the move and then fire. As long as you don’t camp at a spawn site and just shoot spawners I think this is acceptable. I don’t like to shoot the guy if he has not taken full control of his avatar (is that the correct interpretation?).

    • This problem keeps coming up and rightly so. A player who has spawned should be given 10-20 seconds to do nothing else but walk away. If I can see that player I will afford him this ‘protection’. However if I can see him then likely he is able to see me…therefore if I see him pull his binocs or aim with his rifle then it is reasonable to assume that he can spot/kill me. So doing any action other than walking away negates that 10-20 second window of protection. This is how I explain it in-game.

    • What gives me the most trouble is when I spawn in the same place 5 or 6 times in a row (bonus points for a location in the middle of a wide open space that you have to slowly try and walk across to reach cover) and can barely take two steps before the same player kills me. Once or twice, okay it can be a misunderstanding but there’s a point where you are definitely watching for easy kills and that rubs me the wrong way. The other night I racked up 16 deaths in about 10minutes mostly by the same two guys. Totally unimpressed. Saw a guy in the pyramids map just sitting in a bush behind a spawn point. Would let someone take a few steps then shoot as if to pretend he was giving them a chance

      Got the same attitude towards people who lay explosives right in spawn points, or at the narrow exits from spawn points. .

      I was the only one there. I am admin but am a bit easy on people. There was about 3 minutes left in the map and I was heading off anyway so I let it slide after I killed him and had a grumble in the chatbox. That particular player sitting in a bush behind spawn was Gottlieb In Fury. Seen him play a few times and never had much of an issue with him though aside from that one incident.

    • I have been watching this thread with interest.. I played LOST VALLEY this morning and lost count of times I was killed from what I would consider spawn points as sometimes people hunker down in spawns like the buildings facing the big hill in this map,I then camped this spot and got 5 kills from people with rifle in the aim ,or the two steps from random spawns before you get the bullet.

      I will now if I see someone appear before me like magic give them a sporting chance to move away but if they camp their spawn or stick rifle to shoulder they are getting the bullet. If however I do get spawn killed I try and work out a different route or crawl a different way away,adds to the fun I think.
      would there not be the option to add a message pre connection like you could when you join some CounterStrike servers where you had to agree server rules…no running…spawn camping…etc and press a button to confirm which allowed you to join server as anyone on server has agreed to rules so making it easier to kick or ban

      Just my tuppence worth, hope this does not go against the ethics of others.

    • I feel like I would get caught by the logic of some people with their “I only spawn kill when x”… A lot of the time if I am not ready for spawn (aka doing something else such type something in chat or respond to someone on skype etc) I will crouch just to get down and then do whatever else I need to do and then come back to the game. I don’t really understand the logic behind it being okay to purposefully watch spawn points so long as that persons does x,y,z. Sounds like an excuse to boost your stats imo but to each their own.

    • I’m not talking about purposely watching spawn points. The fact is that there are MANY good sniping spots that incidentally have a line of sight to one or more spawn points…spawn points where if the player decided to immediately begin scanning with binocs he could possibly identify me and kill me. Therefore my own spawn rules…if I happen to be in a place where I can see a spawn point (I didn’t go to that spot BECAUSE I could see the spawn point) I let the player move away. Any other action immediately transfers his status from defensive (moving away) to offensive (scanning for targets with binocs or rifle scope).

      Spawn’s generally become known through experience. There are also times where you can actually see a player spawn. It’s not perfect…that’s why we give warnings. There are a few spawns that are well known killing points. Plantation Map…when spawning by the fishing boat. There’s only one way out of that spawn and some players will lay down 75 yards away across the lake and just kill. I’m less tolerant of that one.

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