If you could have any feature currently not present in Sniper Elite, what would it be? Please write a list of your top 5 for Single player and another top 5 for multiplayer. Oh and please make it about features and not bugs.

I will send your replies to Rebellion so make them constructive!

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    • 1. Scope and Binocs Zoom forget – as in both SE2 & zombies there was “Keep Zoom Level” in (options / game ) SE3 didn’t remember the Zoom level, (it defaulted to mid level zoom every use). SE4 is in need of the option “Keep Zoom Level” so people can chose.
      2. 3rd person camera position, switch between left and right, handy but a extra option to use the same camera position as SE2 and SE3 , (Se4 looks more like a GTA or something console)
      3. Spawns in MP, OMG, needs more, at lest double, and never in the area where you were shot, other side of map by default.
      4. Server Browser, eekk, needs to revert to SE3 browser style (with a few extras) not a mishmash of ideas with sub menu’s.
      5. Fonts size options, some folk are using laptops, some large TV’s, option to chose (small/med/large) for the fonts use everywhere in the game.
      6. Server options to enable or disable BOTH standing run and or crouch run.
      7. Ability to cut/copy/paste in console (only when logged in as admin).
      8. Flickering ammo packs, only to flicker when pressing M? not all the time.
      9. Remove theme music playing in MP when TAB is pressed, cant think of a reason why it was added last patch, distracting for time it takes to play through the tune, both with using Teamspeak and without teamspeak.
      10. Bulletproof birds? was fun before, sometime the only thing spotted to shoot, could of been a extra item is score list at the end of a MP match, person with most birds shot got “Bird-brain Award”. 🙂
      11. Urban bells ring, the other maps with bells towers? why not?

    • 1. Different scoring options (Kills/XP/etc)
      2. Point scaling (up and down) for the victim’s rank vs your own. As in…if a level 10 player kills a level 50 then more XP or points are earned…and vice-versa.
      3. The more consecutive kills a player gets, the more translucent his figure becomes making him blend in more with each kill….or something like that.
      4. No more silent sneaky glitchy commando suits hehe.
      5. Blowguns lolz
      6. A ‘Bounty’ system. A player with multiple consecutive kills (on any player or combination of players) has an XP bounty placed on him awarding it to the player that ends his kill streak.

    • KeyserSoze: The more consecutive kills a player gets, the more translucent his figure becomes making him blend in more with each kill

      errr hell no, would never be able to dig you out of some of your fav spots then. I think the other way around would be fairer, more kills should mean you stand out more, a handicap system (like race horses), slower and louder movement etc, slower reloads, if tagged they last longer on you, unless you move to a newer spot.

    • Nah…you should be rewarded for acquiring each additional consecutive kill with added stealth….not penalized. Maybe it only takes effect if you move position. How bout dat?…..

    • 1. A jump/roll when prone button
      I’m happy after that 🙂

    • MTDM (muti-team death match)
      multi teams , say 4 teams of 3 , and/or 3 teams of 4.

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