I had put mines in two doorways and two tunnels (on Hellfire!) but was accused of putting them on spawn-points. Now, in my view a spawn-point has a clue in the title i.e. “point”… so, if you spawn in the corner of a building and the walk out of the door and bang – bad luck! I hadn’t been in the building but had passed the doors from outside (I don’t think there are spawn-points in tunnels?). Anyway the a conversation ensued about the use and validity of these weapons in a sniper game…..if you’re purist I can see the point…maybe there is no place. Perhaps it’s worthy of discussion? Should they be removed? I think as someone said they’re good for ‘protecting your back’. Be interested to hear others views?

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    • “Spawn mining is where a player spawns and positions a mine directly beneath themselves. This means the next person to spawn at that location will be killed.” – Rules

      Based on that you were within reason but its still recommended to try and avoid nearby areas if you can. I love playing without mines maybe we can test out rifles only? or rifles with grenades we have on server 3?

    • Good idea to play without mines and and then we have not even more discussion about spawning mines.

    • OK, change of plan since not everyone is on-board. How about this compromise. Rifle/Pistol with Grenades and Trip Mines. Trip mines require more time to place and are harder to hide inside rocks etc.

    • Slow down!!! I just got back in town and my mines have been taken away???? No no no. Listen…if I were truly out there on a sniping mission I would absolutely utilize these devices as a warning system and protect my position. I’ve had to gently warn players many times about their choice of placement of a mine. I’ve never removed anyone from a game for it. It’s not molecular chemistry guys. As far as setting them inside a rock.. consider this: if you were setting a mine in real life you would attempt to conceal it would you not? I know I would.

      • Don’t place a mine right where you spawned
      • Don’t place a mine as you move through the map on a location you are transiting that is a known spawn point
      • Don’t ‘BP’ another player by waiting to hit the ‘respawn’ key after being killed in the hopes that the player that killed you will step on your mine posthumously
      • Do use them to secure your position
      • Do use them to provide a warning (some can be placed just inside a doorway and explode without killing)

      **Side Note: Outpost Canyon-I had placed a mine at the bottom entrance to a hill before moving up the hill into position. I shot Moncete and then moments later he spawned on my mine and died. I had no recollection of that being a spawn point and apologized to him, however I did tell him I was VERY close to where that mine killed him..thus using the mine to protect my back. Normally players don’t re-spawn that close to a live player but in this case he did which was weird.

      Anyway… give me mines or give me death. 😉

    • Eh I still think trip-mines/grenades only would of been the best solution but due to server stability issues caused when disabling items I don’t think we are going to be able to do it I’m afraid. A few issues that start to happen when you disable individual items:

      • Character models stop sending player position info e.g. you might be crouched or prone on your screen but to everyone else you are standing up. Often referred to as the t-pose or zombies.
      • Bullets and kills not always registering.
      • Gun not always firing.

      You will come across other servers with these same issues because they have disabled specific items like mines and its more annoying than mines themselves!

    • I don’t know of anyone that has found more minds than I, but it is what it is and there’s no way that you can satisfy everyone. I have played maps were I have found up to five or six mines during the play, what a pisser. But I believe that the mind’s should not be removed 😬

    • I have no great issue with mines either way as I use them a lot as well as AP ammo for towers. If removing them causes server instability just leave them alone but warn about spawn mining etc, but I’m happy either way depending on what the majority want to do.

    • Yes. Leave the mines alone. We’ve made it this far with them… sheesh! 😉

    • A question for @warren, given that it appears we will continue with mines/trip mines can I confirm:- placing a mine on a spawn point means the exact point I spawn on……If I move to the doorway of said building and place a mine, that is within our rules?

    • König I would say that’s not spawn mining as you have a choice which way you move from spawn, to reiterate spawn camping is where once you spawn the next thing you do is lay a mine before moving.

    • Thanks JJ, exactly my thinking!

    • Well… there are a few spots with only one exit. Try not to mine those please.

    • If you remove mine’s what would I have to bitch about 😆

    • Don’t worry Dark, there is plenty o’ bitchin’ to do! Besides we scrapped the idea as it caused server issues! maybe we can try it on a sniper elite 4 server soon to see if it has the same problems. 😅

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