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    [cc] Friendly Pixel posted an update 2 years ago

    Hello folks!
    Lately i became admin on CC servers (thanks again) and i found myself in a funny situation: As i use a non-UK layout on my keyboard, i can not summon the console. Made some research and, simply, doesn’t exist a way to do it, as i don’t have the “tilde”. I found this workaround to make the things work, and i want to share it for any admin who is (or will be) in my situation. This works on Windows 10 but i think will work in Windows 8 too:
    The easiest way around this is to go to Control Panel > Change input methods > Add a language.

    Next, add English (UK) layout. You should now be able to switch between any layout you’re using and UK layout by pressing ALT+Shift. Next to the clock in the bottom corner of your desktop you should see either ENG or your language. When you want the console, you can now switch and press the key below Esc to open the console.

    I spent almost two hours between tests and forum researches, and this is the only solution I found.
    I hope this helps.